Jeff Spiegel & Katie Gardner

Owners / Operators

Just over four years ago, in 2013, Jeff and Katie decided to open another restaurant, this time in Albuquerque, a dramatic decision, having left behind the restaurant business in 2006, after 23 years and 11 restaurants in NYC. Now, fully committed to building their business in NM, the two, together with partner John Haas, opened a restaurant, a market & deli and recently M’tucci’s Moderno, in Rio Rancho, across the the Rust Medical Center.  “We are building a retail food business here that we are defining by our commitment to perfection!” Recently, 5 additional members of the M'Tucci family have been made partners: Sherri Rivenburgh, Austin Leard, Cory Gray, Shawn Cronin and Chris O'Sickey. We are confident, with their leadership, we will get better and stronger over many years.


John Haas - Brand Executive Chef / Founding Partner


John is a partner in M’tucci’s and the company’s Executive Chef. John, 33 years old,   haspassion for food , the drive to excel ,the skill to organize, and the old fashioned desire to see that the members of his kitchens’ staff develop to the fullest of their potential. 

Before joining the team in 2013, John had been a General Manager of two restaurants,  as well as Executive Chef of Bravo Cucina! In Albuquerque and Des Moines. We are proud of John’s natural inclination to produce food that Italians and New Mexicans recognize and love, while continually bringing exciting new tastes to our plates and so to our palates.

Cory Gray - Executive Chef/Partner

Shawn Cronin - Sous Chef/Partner

M'tucci's Italian Market & Deli

Cory and Shawn had already collaborated for years, before theopening of M’tucci’s Market & Deli,  and they are at it again as they bake, cook, age, and cure their way to creative culinary bliss.  

Prior to joining M’tucci’s, Cory was the Chef at Farina Alto in Albuquerque which he helped to open and where he began the meat curing programfor their pizzas.  Before Farina, Cory worked at the Artichoke Café for 6 years from 2003 and from there wentto Farina and finally on to Farina Alto.

Shawn came to us from Farm and Table where he was the Sous Chef. He went there from Farina Alto where he was Sous Chef. Before Farina Alto, Shawn worked at both Artichoke Café and Farina.   


Austin Leard -  Bar & Restaurant Manager/Partner


Austin Leard joined the M’tuccis team when M’tucci’s Italian (the restaurant) opened in July of 2013. He began as a bartender became the restaurant’s Manager, and is not a partner

Prior to joining the team, Austin was a sales rep for Favorite Brands, a boutique purveyor of fine wines and spirits. Austin worked on the sales side of the beverage industry for seven years, during which time he refined his palate and became one of the area’s leading mixologists. Austin is also the business’ beverage manager and collaborates with John Haas matching food and beverage to the taste delight of our guests.