Can you even consider Italian food without the tomato? We love them fresh on pizzas and in sauces tossed with pasta. While we wait anxiously for fresh tomato season and the arrival of home grown or farmer’s market tomatoes (I’m growing Super Sweet 100s, Brandywine, Yellow Pear and Yellow Girl), we can always find quality canned tomatoes for our sauces. Italians should thank us, since it was the Genovese explorer, Cristobal Colon, who brought tomato seeds from the New World back to Europe from his second voyage across the Atlantic. The earliest tomatoes were probably golden, since the Italian word for them, pomodoro, when broken into pomo d’ oro means golden apple.

The most famous (and reportedly the most widely copied or falsely labeled) is the San Marzano. A type of plum tomato that is perfect for baking and for sauces, it is grown on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius near Naples.

Look for the brands in the photos above. M’tucci’s Italian Market & Pizzeria carries La Bella San Marzano. True San Marzano tomatoes are only canned whole or in two halves. They make the best sauces since they have a lot of pulp, fewer seeds and water.


Beginning this week, the blog publication date will move to Thursday to allow us to bring you up to date on the weekend fish, meat and ravioli specials. We’re planning some special Chianina Beef items for this weekend and will tell you all about them on Thursday. Let’s just say that the only place in New Mexico where you can get an authentic Italian Chianina Steak with be at M’tucci’s.


M’tucci’s Italian Market & Pizzeria - 2 Cicchetis (small bites) for $5

M’tucci’s Italian - Half Price Shrubs & $5 Charcuterie Boards

M’tucci’s Moderno - All Night Happy Hour (3:00 - Close)


M’tucci’s Italian Market & Pizzeria - $7 Wine Flights

M’tucci’s Italian - Half Price Bottles of House Wine - $12

M’tucci’s Moderno - Half Price Shrubs

The patio is open at M’tucci’s Moderno, perfect for Happy Hour, Sunsets and Moonrise.

The patio is open at M’tucci’s Moderno, perfect for Happy Hour, Sunsets and Moonrise.

M’tucci’s Family Gallery

Amanda Romero, Manager at M’tucci’s Moderno. Fred Gallegos, Manager at M’tucci’s Italian Market & Pizzeria, Chris O’Sickey, Partner/General Manager at M’tucci’s Italian.


M’tucci’s Italian - Prix Fixe Wednesday - Three courses paired with three wines for $25 per person.


1st Course - Spinach-Arugula Mix, Market Focaccia, Gorgonzola, Candied Pecans, Granny Smith Apple, Dried French Cherries, Gorgonzola Dressing

2nd Course - Dry Aged Harris Ranch Hanger Steak, Creamy Risotto, Light Tomato-Onion Agridulce, Crispy Shallots-Scallions

3rd Course - Cantaloupe Black Pepper Granita, Sesame Brittle

M’tucci’s Moderno

Thursday - 7:00: Stanlie Kee Live in the Bar

Friday - 8:30: Julian Dossett Live in the Bar

M’Tucci’s Italian Market & Pizzeria

May 31, 6:00pm - 9:00pm: Beer Week - Beer & Food pairing with Dialogue Brewing and M’Tucci’s Market & Pizzeria. Four courses and four beers for $40. Tickets available at the Dialogue Taproom.


Sunday, May 12. We’ll open for brunch at 10:00am and announce a few specials soon.


M’tucci’s YouTube Channel features videos of craft cocktails, mozzarella being made by hand and some behind the scenes kitchen work.

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Al fresco dining on the Isle of Capri

Al fresco dining on the Isle of Capri


Don’t hesitate to ask a question about travel in Italy. I’ve been to several regions and cities and would love to help with travel and dining advice.


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