M'tucci's in Tuscany

In my first six months of working with M’tucci’s I have been impressed by two things:

1) The partners commitment to quality and to creating the best Italian cuisine possible

2) Their belief that as good as we are, there are always ways to make it better

That’s why I am with four of M’tucci’s chefs in Tuscany, who are visiting bakers, butchers, vintners, farmers, truffle hunters and , yes of course, restaurants. They are here to observe techniques and traditions that have existed for centuries and to take part in some of the timeless work that is part of the culture of Italian cuisine.

Vineyards and Olive Groves at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea from Castagna Carducci in Western Tuscany.

Vineyards and Olive Groves at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea from Castagna Carducci in Western Tuscany.

Many of our visits are taking place in a lesser traveled area of Tuscany called Bolgheri. We only have one day in Chianti south of Florence. Our Italian purveyor is tied to this part of Tuscany and made most of these visits possible. The Bolgheri area is near the Tyrrhenian Sea, in an area renowned for their Super Tuscan wines (Sassicaia, Tignanello, Ornellaia, etc) which are wines that are made with the traditional grapes of Bordeaux (Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot). While the wines are significantly different from a Chianti made from Sangiovese, the produce and landscape in this area are all very similar to the rest of the region..

After three full days of baking, truffle hunting, farm visits and eating, the chefs have been struck by the Italian commitment to tradition (with sensible innovation), to using quality ingredients, and to making the best product possible. At the Chianina farm (which also produces pork, olive oil and wine), Alessandro, talked passionately about the importance of what he feeds his cows and how its equally important that their lives are not stressed as they make their final journey to becoming beef. One of the guys commented that they had never met a man with so much mental discipline.

Alessandro with his Chianina cows on his farm near Bibbona.

Alessandro with his Chianina cows on his farm near Bibbona.

At the bakery in Carrara, Francesco, who is in the process of modernizing his father’s recipes, has gained enough notoriety that he regularly holds workshops in Asia to teach technique. John, Cory, Shawn and Damian made ciabatta and focaccia and had long conversations with him about flour, leavening and the mysteries of great bread.

Focaccia pizza at L’Antico Molino Pandolfo in Carrara.

Focaccia pizza at L’Antico Molino Pandolfo in Carrara.



We were told at the beginning of the truffle walk that hunting truffles is like fishing - sometimes you have a lot of luck and sometimes you have none. The only skill involved is having an understanding of where truffles grow and, most importantly, having a well-trained dog with a refined sense of smell. Andrea brought Giotto, a 3-year-old mixed breed (easier to train) who found five black summer truffles within about 90 minutes. Since he is young, once he started digging, Andrea had to hold him back so he wouldn’t damage the precious tuber. Once the truffle was uncovered, Giotto was more interested in getting his treat than eating the truffle.

When we returned to Savino Tartufo, which makes a dizzying selection of truffle products, we were treated to a lunch that demonstrated what a fresh truffle can do to a dish, even the less expensive summer black truffle. The three-course meal showed how they could add complexity and depth to a simple spread for bruschetta or pasta. A truffle-infused Amaro? Oh yeah.

One of our best meals was served family style in a very small town near the marble caves of Carrara (the chunk of marble for Michelangelo’s David came from here). Hand carved marble boxes are used to cure Lardo, which is pork back fat. The fat is layered with rosemary, salt, clove, cinnamon and pepper in the box, which has a marble lid weighing it down, and aged for a minimum of six months. The flavor, along with the rest of the charcuterie on our plate was sublime. I think Cory said the flavors made his eyes tear up.

Boar salami, coppa, lardo, cured beef, pancetta, cured pork loin and Tuscan pecorino.

Boar salami, coppa, lardo, cured beef, pancetta, cured pork loin and Tuscan pecorino.

In the days ahead, we’ll visit a cheese producer, a vineyard, a salami maker and one of Italy’s (if not the world’s) most famous butchers, Dario Cecchini, in Chianti.

We look forward to bringing you another report from Italy next Friday and to returning to New Mexico to wow your taste buds with our experiences.

Damian, Cory, Shawn and John in Tuscany with our friends, the Chianina.

Damian, Cory, Shawn and John in Tuscany with our friends, the Chianina.


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Icelandic Cod $25
Lean, mild flavor profile with large flakes and a tender-firm texture.
Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus, Sautéed
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Nobilo, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 8/32
~Vibrant & refreshing w/ tropical fruit flavors and a crisp finish~

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Sassoregale, Sangiovese, Maremma Toscana, Italy 8/32
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Decisions, Decisions. The selection in Enoteca Tognoni in the Bolgheri district of Tuscany is daunting.

Decisions, Decisions. The selection in Enoteca Tognoni in the Bolgheri district of Tuscany is daunting.