M'tucci's Private Select Bourbon

M’tucci’s has an amazing cocktail program that includes hand-crafted Shrubs, staff-created cocktails, and our own riffs on some of the classic cocktails. Our selection of bourbon and rye are among our most popular. So, to increase our commitment to craft cocktails, we sent two of our managing partners (Chris O’Sickey and Austin Leard) and our bar manager (Trey Godwin) to Bourbon country, primarily around Louisville, Kentucky.  

When they arrived, they were asked why they were visiting, and the three responded in unison, “We’re here for the whiskey.” They were promptly corrected, “You mean bourbon.”

Their goal was to soak up the culture of bourbon and bring it back. However, they did a little more than just sip bourbon and soak up the culture.


“Since we sell a lot of whiskey, our goal was to find a program that was unique and would allow us to buy our own one-of-a-kind barrel. After some research, we discovered that Maker’s Mark had a program that would be unique for us,” said Austin Leard.

Maker’s Mark started distilling in 1953 and is still owned by the same family today. Their attention to detail, their passion for quality ingredients, and the slow, exact aging they demand, are what make this bourbon special. You can read about their story here.

In 2010 they released Maker’s Mark 46, which was their first new product since they distilled the original Maker’s Mark Bourbon. The son of the founder created the Maker’s Mark 46 barrel select bourbon by adding a combination of seared French Oak staves to their barrel-aged bourbon for an additional 9 weeks (on top of the 5 3/4 to 7 years of aging). The flavor profile of the 46 has a higher level of caramel and vanilla. The success of this process led to the Private Select program, which led us to Kentucky.

In the tasting room, there are five different styles of wood staves which have been added to five different barrels of fully matured Maker’s Mark at cask strength for an additional 9 weeks. After tasting the five flavor profiles, our guys started blending flavors to find the perfect blend that that would be uniquely for M’tucci’s. Maker’s Mark claims that there are more than 1,000 possible combinations.

Chris, Trey and Austin mixed and blended and created four different flavor combinations and they ended up choosing #4 - one was too spicy, the second one didn’t have enough spice and one didn’t have enough full mouth-feel. After creating the combination that they felt was right, they went to the barrel room and uncapped a barrel and removed the top rings. Ten selected seared French oak staves were added and the barrel was reassembled. Then the 53-gallon barrel is filled with cask strength Maker’s Mark, where it will age for another 9 weeks in a cold limestone cave. After the aging is complete, our bourbon will be bottled in unique Private Select bottles. M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark will be just under 108 proof.

Trey, Chris and Austin each initialed our unique Private Select labels, which are printed on an old 1935 hand cranked printing press, then they signed our barrel, which we will display in our restaurants. 

Look for M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon to arrive in 12 weeks or so, depending on delivery times.

Austin filling the 53 gallon barrel with what will become M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

Austin filling the 53 gallon barrel with what will become M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

In addition to the Maker’s Mark experience, our three M’tucci’s guys visited the Jim Beam Still House where they saw Jim Beam White Label being made. They sampled  Knob Creek, Basil Hayden, Bookers, and Bakers and visited Angel’s Envy. One day, they took a break from bourbon and went to Copper and Kings, a distillery that specializes in brandy. Their aging program features a selection of brandies aged in a variety of barrels that have held rum, tequila and even port.

While they toured some Maker’s Mark rack houses, they learned about the unique look of the rack houses that stems from the days of prohibition. As the whiskey ages in barrels, the evaporation (the Angel’s Share) would produce a black mold on the exterior of the buildings. This was a telling a sign for federal agents looking for illegal bourbon production during the dark days of prohibition. Now all of the rack houses are painted black.


When M’tucci’s Private Select arrives, you can look for three things:

M’tucci’s Private Select will become the main bourbon in our Old Fashioned (now Stranahan’s).

We’ll create a Signature Cocktail (maybe two).

We will expand our private select program beyond bourbon.

Chris said that the passion for bourbon in Kentucky permeates every aspect of their lives. Bourbon is as important in the toniest hotel lounge as it is in the dark, basement dive bar. 

“I’m excited to bring our Private Select Bourbon to M’tucci’s and share it with everyone else,” he said. 

Won’t that be a fantastic Christmas present??

M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrel is resting here right now!

M’tucci’s Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon barrel is resting here right now!


LABOR DAY: All of our restaurants will be open normal hours on Labor Day, so if you’re around, we are too!

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Icelandic Cod Buttery to medium texture

Bottega Vinaia, Pinot Grigio, Italy: Delicate floral notes, fruity aromas from pear and peach, a little dry with balanced acidity

Cut of the Day: 24 oz Porterhouse

Sassarogale, Sangiovese, Italy: Notes of wild berries, cherries and a moderate spiciness

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